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Over 70 years of school portraits have taught us a few things; smiles are contagious, Kindergarteners are quick, and kids grow up way too fast. As we've watched the kids of our community grow up before our lenses, we've done our best to capture each part of their childhood in something simple, but significant; a school portrait. You never know, we may have captured the next big Hollywood actor, an up-and-coming Olympic athlete or even a future President. Portrait photography is both an art and a responsibility; one which we take very seriously.


Fall Portaits

Fall means a lot of things, but to us Fall is back-to-school portrait season. At G&B we’re ready to make your fall portraits a memorable and easy experience.


Spring Portraits

Spring portraits are fun for kids, staff and for the school. Kids are photographed “casual studio style” with a variety of props, backgrounds, and expressions that everyone is sure to love.


Youth Sports

Custom graphics and one-of-a-kind posters, trading cards, team photos, and more keep your school spirit
high and your parents engaged.


Sports and Events

At G&B we not only support our local teams, but we help parents and students capture those athletic milestones with our high quality portraits and unique products.



Whether it’s the graduating class or the entire school, G&B provides giant panorama photos to bring the whole group together for a “once-in-a-lifetime” picture.


pre-school photogaphy

What are your kids doing when you're not looking? They're giggling, laughing & clowning around. These moments just fly by - Don't worry, we got it!

portrait programs

At G&B, we offer a wide range of services to help diversify your picture day and fundraising programs. Explore our portrait program options to see how we can best serve you!

portrait products

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