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About Us

It all started in the alley…when Larry, Dan, Marc, and Chris Grenier were growing up in Holyoke, Massachusetts, they played in the alley behind their house while their Dad, Bob Grenier, was beginning what would become Grynn & Barrett Studios.  The studio in Holyoke grew through the ‘50’s and ‘60’s with weddings, families, children, and high school seniors being photographed there.

In 1971, Larry was the first of the second generation to join his father in the business.  Marc came on board (not a skateboard!) in 1976, Dan in 1979, and Chris in 1980.  During the ‘80’s, the company saw a tremendous surge of growth and the need to partition the business into departments.  Known as Grenier-Ducharme in the first three decades, the company name was changed in the ‘80’s to The Greniers, A Family of Photographers.  It was in 1991 that Bob sold The Greniers, Inc. to his children who worked in the business.

Through the ‘90’s, the company grew to more than five times more than it was when Larry, Dan, Marc and Chris bought it, adding staff until reaching the current level of 40 full-time, growing to 150 during the busy season of June through December each year.  Focusing on the school picture industry, but still photographing families and business events and portraits, the four brothers each applied their strengths to the appropriate categories of the company.

In the current decade, a studio has been added in Westborough, Massachusetts, as well as the servicing of schools in New York and New Jersey.  The flagship studio in Holyoke was built in 2002.  The name Grynn & Barrett Studios was chosen in 2005, to add an element of fun, which is what is achieved every day at work, while still taking the photography seriously.